Monday, November 26, 2007

Your Music Must Be Seen to Be Appreciated

It had been a glorious sunset on the mountains. One of those days when majesty and glory seem to be in the fresh scarlet lit air. It was a day for discovery and I wanted to find some new music, a new band to listen to and share with my friends. I went to that awe-inspiring compendium of video on the web YouTube to try and find some new Independent Music groups. To my amazement I found nothing but the big major label brand names that are everywhere anyway. I wanted to find new music!

I realized as quickly as the winter’s night closed the last sunset there was a problem. With days of work I could find a few interesting groups on YouTube, but quite frankly, the picking is very slim and I know there is a lot of good music waiting out there. Look, that is what you need to think about, look and be seen. You have to be seen to be heard and music video is the way to do that.

The first goal is to get you musicians to create more videos from your already existing tracks. My next goal is to point you in a direction where you can be easily found.

Towards that first goal I shall point you all to get on your movie maker programs that should be on the computer you peruse the Internet with. Assuming you have a PC. If not you must get access to a simple editing program. Dump your full quality soundtrack onto the timeline and start making a video. Take images of the band or make them up and create a video around your music. Something tasty.

A good place to get images and film clips that are public domain, for your new impressive video production, is the Internet Archive at There should be plenty there for you to work with and get your taste buds moving. I have not only pointed many a band to this treasure trove of clips but have seen the extraordinary videos that have been fashioned out of them.

If you are stuck for creative juice in video gather up your friends. Ask your visually inspired friends to do it for you. It is on your computer, easy to use and produces a file you can upload almost anywhere.

Once you have that file you must upload it everywhere. I mean everywhere. You have to get on YouTube because you just have to. At the same time you can be sure that you will never be found there. The only views will be your friends, family and you. YouTube thrives on the traffic you bring them and you will get a few strangers that may fall into your material. It is a billion to one shot but people get hit by lightning too. Do not depend on this to be your key to world stardom or discovery. You must expand out and find places to be seen.

I always suggest that musicians put their stuff up at MusicTV because they are a strictly niche music site. Here you upload your music video where they convert and hosts your material in FLV format. They give you code to put the video on your own site, blog or wherever at the same time as promoting you on a music only site. You put your own keyword tags and do not have to add “music video” or “Independent Music” and can focus the keywords on what your group is all about. You can additionally select up to three categories, or genre, to display under and the search looks at tags and descriptions to provide results. The tags become relevant to search as well as the terms in your description.

You can put your music and favorites into a group and be found in groups and search. All of a sudden you pop up in searches everywhere! You get on the front page easier and you can be found. People are there for music and it is broken down to genre for them with easy search. Everything is fed to the blogosphere with RSS feeds! That means all content is broadcast to all the important news consolidators on the Internet. It is a great starting point for any group.

The best feature at MusicTV is I can find and share all the new music on this site because the site is all legal. No one is allowed to upload “Madonna” except Madonna. So that makes this a home to the Independent musician. is an independent music site for independent musicians who want to be seen since 1996.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bo Diddley Suffers Heart Attack at Hospital Checkup

Bo Diddley, born Ellas Bates has undergone surgery after a heart attack during a physical examination. The 78-year-old musician known for the famous “Bo Diddley” beat memorialized by U2 on “Desire”. George Michael on “Faith” Biddy Holly on “Not Fade Away” and most famously by the Who on “Magic Bus” was recovering from a stroke he suffered in May that left him with impaired speech and distorted speech recognition.

Check the Story Out at Music TV

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Chubby Checker hits the Limelight Networks Again!

Chubby Checker has just released a new top 40 ranking single and many people do not know he has a glorious past. Here we found a great video of Chubby doing the twist with none other than Tom Ridge the first head of the US Department of Homeland Security! Wow! Check it out!

You can also read about Chubby at

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

FLV Video Share Sites Streamline Band and Music Promotion

FLV Video Share Sites Streamline Band and Music Promotion

Streamline your marketing and promotion with niche streaming web sites. The amazing onlinetv rage is right here and growing. Internet marketing attention is focused on broadband streaming media and nothing could be better for your music than a slice of that attention. This is a marriage made in heaven streaming media and music video.

With the free, built into Microsoft Movie Maker most everyone can take their audio file and with a little creativity make it into a compelling video. Music videos are no longer a barrier for bands to take advantage of the onlinetv revolution. Just pop some cool pictures or some video shorts from your mini-cam, lay in your audio tracks and viola! You have made a simple music video to get that song out. A video with title, credits, lyrics and a message where viewers can buy it will more than suffice as a promotional tool. Don’t forget “Where is the next gig?”

Who has not heard of Youtube or Google video? These amazing amalgams of everything under the sun stand as monolithic compendiums. There must be more than 100 million videos on these sites containing an inexhaustible variety of material covering every topic under the sun. This makes them the world’s largest central repository for video. Like a dictionary containing every word it has the drawback it cannot be read even if using an index to find something. If you are not the most popular or the featured few darlings your message never sees the light of day, except by you. Google’s top 100 videos are populated with soft porn girlies and that is hard to compete with.

Never let it be said that having your music video on Youtube or Google should not be done. Au contraire, that is the first thing you would do followed by posting that video to your MySpace account. What did you say? You don’t have a MySpace account? Then go get your Myspace now! The accounts are free, easy and worth the effort. Move! Get back here when you are done baking that cake.

Now it is time to put some frosting on your cake. Frosting for this project is exemplified with a video share site like MusicTV Video Share. A shared video website designed with a specific focus on music. This is the oldest site streaming on the Internet. Even before Real or Microsoft had streaming software was broadcasting live bands from New York City and London using its own software. Every week over 20 live concerts of independent bands were broadcast live and then archived on the Internet. Amazing! Even Keane played for them! While they no longer stream live they have put up a new video-sharing site at that offers almost all the features of Youtube as well as the name and heritage (page ranking!) of MusicTV. The video share site is now only weeks old so you have an opportunity to rule the front page and the search engine results!

You can download your YouTube flv file using saving time to upload with the smaller flv file, or simply upload your original (under 100meg) right onto the servers. The service handles the conversion of most formats if you do not have an flv file. You will end up with an embeddable flv video as well as a URL for places that do not let you embed or email! The page is a perma-link home for the song that can be attached to your “group” at MusicTV Video Share. The offered code works in, and just about all the web sites that allow embed code. MusicTV Video Share has community resources that include; your own personal profile, messaging, friends, favorites, play lists, groups and other tools to help you expand your fan base. You can use the community by populating your profile with your music videos, pictures, and information while you form a group using your band name to gather new fans. It works. You can then send email to your friends directly from your account at MusicTV. It is all simple and easy. has always worked for the independent musician and labels. Independent labels are invited to form groups and showcase their bands. There is a special program for selling your CD’s or downloads through Video Seconds the online DVD and audio CD sales outlet available on MusicTV Video Share.

The important thing is to get you onto these sites when they start and are fresh. MusicTV Video Share is new and will launch out in full this September. You have the opportunity to be the first there and that means front page! Google cache!

Niche streaming is the future and finding a place where you can stand out within your niche gets more difficult each day. You will see more niche streaming sites growing out as the proliferation of site offerings becomes overwhelming. Finding the bests sites to get your music heard and seen will be of great significance. When the next big wave comes are you ready to ride it? Get on MusicTV Video Share so I can see you already!

Friday, June 29, 2007

MusicTV has New Video Share Site

This week launched its new MusicTV Video share site with most of the features you expect from the new generation of video broadcast sites.

Bands can upload their videos to the new MusicTV Video share site and they will appear on all the major searches and RSS feeds! You have the benefit of embedding the video into your account or most any blog or website! Best of all you do it under the banner of a known Internet pioneer in Independent Music –

Check Video Seconds the newest eclectic digital download center.

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Keane Live at Bull and Gate London

From the MusicTV archives comes Keane Bands earliest known recorded concert from December 17, 1999. The band still has an electric guitar, Tom on the guitar and Tim on the bass. Keane, for the first recording ever steps on stage at the famous Bull and Gate in stylish Kentishtown London with broadcasting live on its web site. This digital download is a small encoding made that day. It's size is 160 x 112 pixels and is encoded in mono as it was made live and is still the original file. Time is 9min 36 seconds. There are two songs and it includes the first public performance of Matey, sung as a new song. Keane band members on this video:Tim Rice-Oxley, Tom Chaplin, Richar Hughes and Dominc Scott

Saturday, January 20, 2007

OnlineTV 3.0 the Online TV Viewer

MusicTV in association with OnlineTV at have now got the OnlineTV 3.1 Media Player available for a free download and use.

That is right. You can download Free and get FREE use with this version of OnlineTV 3.1! Over 1000 media channels listed! This software lets you capture anyones stream.

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